Headed to one of the hundreds of NJ fairs and festivals going on this summer? Don't miss taking a wild whirl on one of these amazing, over-the-top rides…if you're brave enough.

Sky Rider Or Vertigo

You’ve likely buckled your kid into the mini-version of this swing ride, so just imagine it on steroids—flying 100 feet off the ground by the time you’re in mid-air. Kids over 48 inches tall can ride, but we suggest going with them and using your extra pounds to make sure their little bodies stay snug in the two-rider seats. Where to find it: This is the centerpiece of the State Fair Meadowlands (can’t miss it!).

The Fire Ball 

It may go by different names at different fairs, but this six-legged monster gives a whole new “spin” to the traditional pirate ship attraction. Riders still go back and forth—but here they also go in circles. You won’t know which way is up (in the best way). Where to find it: State Fair Meadowlands, Cumberland County Fair (Millville). If you miss this at the fair, try it at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant.


Just like paragliding, but without the whole jumping-off-a-mountain business. Riders 46 inches or taller lie down and then get lifted off the ground, while the ride moves in circles at different angles… like Superman. Look for smaller versions for the little kids, too. Where to find it: State Fair Meadowlands, Cumberland County Fair. 

Ring of Fire

Most carnivals only last a few days, and since setting up a giant rollercoaster takes a while, big coasters can be rare. But the Ring of Fire is a thrilling exception—you get looping thrills while you shoot 60 feet up in the air forwards, then backwards. Where to find it: NJ State Fair Sussex County (Augusta), State Fair Meadowlands.

Power Shot or Reverse Bungee 

Most fairs charge extra for this only-for-the-brave ride, but for die-hard thrill-seekers (like you) it’s well worth the splurge. Two large poles (think a football field goal), support a cable with a little seat in the middle. Then two riders at a time get pulled down to the ground and launched into the air like a sling shot. Where to find it: State Fair Meadowlands.

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