Now that the script from the new “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” play was just released as a book on July 31, and the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is coming out in November, Harry Potter fans everywhere are freaking out. Here are some great gift ideas for the Harry Potter superfan in your life.

1. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Make their dreams come true—an acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a perfect gift for any fan. The company Legendary Letters will send an authentic Hogwarts acceptance letter to your address for only $12, complete with a wax seal.


2. Butterbeer Lip Balm

Can’t make it to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal to try this delicious magical drink? Instead, buy one of these lip balms that taste just like HP’s favorite drink. $3 per tube.


3. A House Shirt

Every die-hard fan has taken the house sorting quiz on Pottermore at least once (or maybe a few times) to figure out where their strengths and weaknesses lie. The Ravenclaw in your life will love this cute and cozy printed shirt that proudly displays their house loyalty. $10.99 each.


4. Time Turner Necklace

Although it doesn’t allow you to time travel like Hermione’s time turner does in the books, it’s still a pretty awesome accessory. $49.99.


5. Hedwig Plush Owl

This super-soft replica of Harry’s beloved pet is perfect for younger kids who can cuddle up with it on the couch while reading (or re-reading) their favorite book. $17.


6. Official Wand

Every character has their own unique wand, and you can pick your favorite character’s wand to have as your own. Cast spells at home or have a duel with friends! Wands start at $39.99. 


7. Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs

Although these spectrespecs won’t make wrackspurts and other magical creatures visible to muggles, they’ll still help fans channel their inner Luna Lovegood.


8. Scarf

Although this item won’t come in handy until the winter, it’s definitely a classic. $14.95.


9. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Everyone knows that these jelly beans can be nasty or nice—depending on what flavor you grab out of this box. You never know if you’ll get a delicious watermelon flavor, or disgusting earwax flavor. That’s the fun of it! $2.25 per box.


10. Coloring Book

Great for older kids and teens, this coloring book includes many detailed coloring pages of iconic scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Watch along with the movies while you color to get some inspiration. $9.97.


11. Wingardium Leviosa Necklace

Everyone knows that this spell was taught to Harry, Hermione and Ron by Professor Flitwick in their first year at school. This necklace serves as a memento of the famous “Winguardium Leviosa” scene. $7.99.


12. Chocolate Frog

No trip on the Hogwarts Express is complete without a chocolate frog from the trolley! Even though this magical frog dessert won’t jump away from you, it has a special wizard card inside. $10 each.

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