What are the most common sports injuries you see?

Some of the most common sports injuries seen by pediatric orthopedists in our office and urgent care clinic include sprains and strains, fractures, growth plate injuries, and overuse injuries.

How can sports-related injuries be prevented in children? 

Parents can help prevent sports-related injuries in their children by ensuring that their children warm up and cool down properly, wear appropriate protective gear, focus on proper technique, gradually increase intensity and duration, take rest and recovery breaks, stay hydrated, and play on appropriate surfaces. Parents should encourage their children to be involved in multiple athletic activities as opposed to specializing in a single sport and playing it year-round. Doing so will avoid using the same muscles repeatedly without adequate recovery time.

How does the treatment approach of a pediatric orthopedist differ from that of an adult orthopedist? 

A pediatric orthopedist’s treatment approach may differ from that of an adult orthopedist due to the differences in anatomy and physiology between children and adults, as well as the fact that children’s bones, muscles, and joints are still growing and developing. Pediatric orthopedists may also focus more on conservative, non-operative treatment options to avoid interfering with growth and development.

Besides sports injuries, what other common conditions do you treat? 

Some common conditions our pediatric orthopedists may treat include developmental dysplasia of the hip, scoliosis (low-dose radiation imaging and in-house bracing available), limb length discrepancy, clubfoot (Ponseti method), neuromuscular disorders, and trauma such as fractures, dislocations, and ligament injuries.

What are some of the latest advances in pediatric orthopedics? 

Some of the latest advances in pediatric orthopedics include 3D printing technology for custom orthotics and surgical guides, minimally invasive surgical techniques, motion analysis technology, biologic therapies for tissue regeneration, biological implants (BEAR for ACL tears) and implantable devices such as growth rods and magnetic rods for spinal deformities.

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