Gaming is uber-popular among kids and teens, so it’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch console and Sony’s Playstation 5 top the list of the most in-demand gifts this Christmas.

Sony’s Playstation 5 is the most in-demand Christmas gift across the U.S., with 13 states searching to buy the item ahead of Christmas more than any other item, according to a study from Rakuten. The research analyzed Google Trends data to establish the most in-demand item in each state during the Christmas period. Some of those kids hoping for a Playstation live in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Utah.

New data reveals NJ residents want a Nintendo Switch console more than any other item this season. It’s also the second most popular gift across the country, and the most in-demand item also in Oregon, Iowa and Georgia.

Residents of seven states want to buy an Apple iPad more than any other toy or device, making it the third most popular item. Hawaii, Tennessee, Indiana and West Virginia stores hopefully are stocked up!

Another Apple product makes the list with AirPods ranking as the fourth most in-demand item across America. A total of six states searched for AirPods more than any other item, with states including Kansas, Wyoming, North Carolina and Arizona.

The Xbox Series X console was the fifth most in-demand item for Christmas. A total of five states searched for it more than any other item – Connecticut, South Carolina, South Dakota, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

The Dyson Airwrap, which is a hair curler that doesn’t use heat, proved to be the most in-demand item in four states nationwide: Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The item has gone viral on TikTok over the last year, with the hashtag #DysonAirwrap amassing 3.2 billion views on the platform. At least they’ll get away from the screen for a little while to style their hair!

The Apple MacBook was the most in-demand item in two states, making it the seventh most popular item this Christmas. Maryland and Vermont parents are checking out the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Three items were the most in-demand item in one state each respectively. An Apple Watch was the most searched for item in Nebraska, the Oculus headset was the most searched for item in Arkansas and the Samsung Galaxy watch was the most in-demand item in Maine.

The complete list is:

  1. Sony Playstation 5 (13 states)
  2. Nintendo Switch (10 states)
  3. Apple iPad (7 states)
  4. Apple AirPods (6 states)
  5. XBox Series X (5 states)
  6. Dyson Airwrap (4 states)
  7. Apple MacBook (2 states)
  8. Apple Watch (1 state)
  9. Oculus headset (1 state)
  10. Samsung Galaxy watch (1 state)

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