In 1997 the world was captivated by the McCaughey septuplets. While they weren’t the first set of septuplets born, they were the first to all survive beyond a few days. In 1998, Oprah happily celebrated their first birthday on her show, and we all watched in fascination/horror/relief it wasn’t us as Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey tried to juggle eight kids (including their older daughter Mikayla) and all of the food and laundry (and 35 childcare volunteers!) that seven babies required.


Oprah recently revisited the McCaughey family on her show Where Are They Now? and gives us a little glimpse at what their everyday life looks like now. The septuplets are 17 and juniors in high school –dating and driving! And though there are eight teenagers living under one roof, it seems like this family has quite the organized system. Still, we’re glad we’re perfectly happy not to have had septuplets, ourselves.


Watch them in action now: