With a little more than a month to go before school starts, many of us are still unsure about whether to send the kids back or go with a remote learning option. And while we may know what the right course of action is in our gut, we’re finding it really hard to make a final decision.

How safe is it for teachers, staff and kids to be back in a school building with social distancing and safety measures in place? Can teachers ensure kids follow the guidelines necessary to keep schools safe while also teaching? Can schools afford the necessary changes to make classrooms safe? Will kids tune out with a virtual learning only option? What about students with special needs? Will the new school day ever feel normal?

If you want them to go back to school but you don’t want them to go back to school, you’re not alone. Watch as Kim Holderness wrestles with the same gazillion questions we’re asking ourselves every day and know that the right decision is the one that feels right for you and your family.




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