What inspired you to start your business?
We have five kids between our two families. Each played Gaga at camp and were obsessed with the game, even though not all typically enjoy sports. In a community like ours, most active play is focused around competitive team sports, so we opened the The Gagasphere because Gaga Ball presented an alternative for kids and parents. Gaga is a “playground equalizer”: all children participate and get the benefits of socialization and exercise.

What’s your business best known for and how has it evolved?
Kids know us as the official Gaga Ball facility. Parents know us as a mom-owned business. The facility is clean and bright and birthday parties run seamlessly due to the attention given to each party. We are flexible and treat each event as if it was for our own child, and customers always notice. The Gagasphere started with Gaga birthday parties, Disco Gaga and 9 Square. Now we offer a STEM and Gaga field trip for grades two through six which incorporates mind and body. We also bring Gaga pits to local after school programs as well as block parties, barbecues and recreation camps.
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