The novel coronavirus pandemic has made it really hard to get what we need, especially for healthcare providers. And for those in our communities who are most vulnerable, like individuals with diabetes, it’s even harder.

The Diabetes Foundation, a nonprofit based in Hackensack, will soon be offering free Diabetes Emergency Kits to vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The kits will be available to more than 900,000 NJ individuals as early as next week.

“We are hoping these kits can provide some peace of mind for our most vulnerable participants during this time of uncertainty as many are confined to their homes,” says Ginine Cilenti, Executive Director of the Diabetes Foundation. “The kits give each person who receives them another two week’s supply of the daily items that are necessary for testing and management of low blood sugar. With the need for social distancing during this period, the kits allow those with diabetes the opportunity to avoid waiting in line at crowded pharmacies and other stores.”

Kits will be available for all types of diabetes. There’ll be three kits available: a Type 2/Gestational supply kit, an Insulin Administration supply kit, and a Type 1 supply kit. Inside you’ll find a glucose meter, test strips, a lancing device, lancet, ketone strips, alcohol swabs, glucotabs, juice boxes, snacks and a diabetes backup emergency kit checklist.

The Diabetes Emergency Kits will be mailed to individuals’ homes via UPS. For the Insulin Administration Supply Kits, a doctor’s prescription must be provided.

Anyone in need of a kit can sign up on the website or call 973-849-5234.

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