Have a holiday party that involves festive (read: ugly Christmas sweaters) attire? Or maybe you and the kids want to get suited up for your annual holiday photo? We know your holiday shopping list is endless, but this kind of shopping is actually fun, we promise. Here are our favorite ugly holiday sweaters for the whole family.

For the Kids

TStars Santa Floss Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater, $18.99

Tell your Fortnite fan to put down the controller—just long enough to put this on.

Blizzard Bay Ugly Christmas Sweater in Green Combo, $24.99

Kick back on holiday break with this lazy sloth.

Marvel Boys’ Ugly Christmas Sweater, $23.55-24.99

There are options for Black Panther, Captain America and Hulk fans, too, but we love the classic color scheme on these Spider-Man threads.

Tipsy Elves Cute Shark Christmas Sweater, $24.95

Missing warm days down at the Jersey Shore? Don this Santa hat-clad shark until summer.

TStars Cute Robot Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater, $20.90

This cute number is the perfect fit for any STEM-loving kid.

Blizzard Bay Boys Ugly Christmas Sweater Gnomies, $24.99

If your little one loves Elf on the Shelf, he’ll be all about this new festive friend.

Blizzard Bay Boys Ugly Christmas Sweater in Red/Green/Raptors, $23.00-29.99

The three wise men are trying a new prehistoric look this holiday.

Blizzard Bay Girls Ugly Christmas Sweater in Raspberry Rose Combo, $24.99

This pom pom flamingo is pretty in pink accompanied by a holiday palm tree and tropical fruits.

Blizzard Bay Girly Ugly Christmas Sweater Unicorn, $24.99

If she’s all about bedazzling, Lisa Frank and rainbows, this is the pick for her.

Blizzard Bay Girls Ugly Christmas Sweater Tunic in Red/Green/White/Kitty, $24.99-29.99

She’s sure to have a meow-y Christmas in this striped number, complete with a fuzzy kitty with a red nose and antlers covered in pom pom ornaments.

UNICOMIDEA Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater in Alpaca, $21.99

This sweater stars a glasses-wearing alpaca with a bowtie on a backdrop of snowflakes and holiday lights.

Blizzard Bay Girls Ugly Christmas Sweater in Red/Green/Mermaid, $24.99

Make it a mermaid holiday with this sparkly siren and her fishy friends.

Tipsy Elves Cute Ugly Xmas Sweater for Kids, $39.95

This takes the idea of your kid being the best gift you’ve ever received to the next level.

Blizzard Bay Glitter Vomit Unicorn Sweater, $24.99

This one’s perfect for kids who love all things icky, slimy and gross.

Funnycokid Kids Ugly Christmas Fleece Sweatshirt in Christmas Dinosaur 3, $24.99

Your tween’s classmates will roar at this surreal space scene featuring Santa on the back of an antlered T-rex.

yolsun Novelty Christmas Sweater in Reindeer Hoodie, $24.99

Is your tween so cool she’s gotta wear shades? This reindeer gets it.

For Babies and Preschoolers

Tipsy Elves Cute Baby Unicorn Christmas Sweater, $19.95

The only thing more magical than a holiday unicorn? A holiday unicorn on your little cutie.

Shineflow Unisex Kids Rudolph Reindeer Sweater, $19.99

Keep ’em warm and toasty in this cute jumper.

TStars Big Trex Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater, $22.99

If your tot’s obsessed with dinos, add this one to your cart, stat.

TStars I’m Digging Christmas Ugly Sweater Tractor, $18.99

Is your little one in love with Diggerland or construction toys? This sweatshirt totally suits your budding builder.

For You

Tipsy Elves Women’s Gaudy Garland Cardigan Tacky Christmas Sweater with Ornaments, $64.95

Talk about extra! This button-up has ornaments dangling from stripes made of garland.

Tipsy Elves Women’s Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweater, $44.95

The man of the season is taking to the skies on a red, green and white unicorn.

Star Wars Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater in Stormtrooper/Black, $29.99

Show off your fave franchise with a Stormtrooper, or go for R2-D2 or Darth Vader instead.

Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas Sweater Portal, $44.99

Wubbalubbadubdub! Head to another dimension with your fave cartoon.

Tipsy Elves Women’s Santa Mermaid Christmas Sweater, $39.95

Kris Kringle’s newest get-up? A seashell bra and a green, red and white tail.

v28 Women’s Christmas Reindeer Snowflakes Sweater Pullover, $14.99-24.99

Wear this when you and your crew watch Home Alone 2 for the umpteenth time this winter.

Ugly Fair Isle Unisex Sleigh All Day Crew Neck, $29.99

This sweater is perfect for the punniest of all parents.

Tipsy Elves Men’s Gingerbread Man Roid Rage Christmas Sweater, $49.95

This cookie’s got a major sugar rush—and six pack.

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