High-tech mother's helpers will give you an upper hand when it comes to keeping an eye of your little bundle of joy.


Squeeze Play This genius gadget lets you create your own transportable squeeze pouches filled with homemade purees. Squeeze Station, Infantino. $24.99, infantino.com


Smart Monitor It watches her sleep and turns on night lights or white noise depending on the sounds she makes. Aristotle, Nabi. $349.99, nabitablet.com


Keeping Track When was the last time he ate? Pooped? Napped? This pocket-sized tracker makes sure all his needs are being met. Pocket Nanny, Itzbeen. $24.99, itzbeen.com 


Fever Watch Track her temperature on your phone using a device that sticks under her arm like a bandage. Temp Traq Wireless Thermometer, Temp Traq. $19.99, amazon.com

Rock-A-Bye No need to take baby for a car ride to lull her to sleep. This miracle bed, designed by The Happiest Baby on the Block author Harvey Karp, MD, gently rocks her at the exact level she needs to doze off. The SNOO Smart Sleeper, Happiest Baby. $1,160, happiestbaby.com


Sweet Dreams You’ll rest easy with a live stream of baby’s slumber that goes right to your phone. Nanit Baby Sleep Monitor, Nanit. $349, nanit.com