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If your kids have been glued to the TV or Fortnite this summer, it may be time to spark some adventure outside the house. They aren’t allowed to climb on tables and chairs at home, but at these indoor jungle gyms, your little monkeys can run wild. Most of these jungle gyms are inspired by the competition TV show, American Ninja Warrior, where athletes race against the clock to completely challenging obstacle courses.

Even if your kids can’t make it onto the competition yet, there’s always time for them to climb around and blow off some steam. Here’s a list of our fave indoor obstacle courses in the Garden State.

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All Heart Academy

3 Nami Ln., Hamilton Township

This athletic academy specializes in martial arts, wrestling and all things American Ninja Warrior. All Heart Academy offers American Ninja Warrior classes that boast a challenge both mentally and physically, while building strength, stamina and endurance. Class prices vary by age group. Reservations suggested.

Centercourt Club and Sports

Chatham, Lawrence, Marlboro, Mt. Olive

If your child wants some outdoor Ninja Warrior fun, this facility offers kids the opportunity to join classes, camps and clubs based on their fave challenges, like the double stairs, the jumping spider and the ring hopper. Everyone’s favorite exercise activities. The locations listed above offer kids (and adults) Ninja Warrior inspired classes and obstacle courses.

High Exposure Rock Climbing, Ninja Warrior and Parkour

266 Union St., Northvale

Rock walls rock, especially when they’re bright and colorful. High Exposure specializes in Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, plus action adventure walls, parkour features and more than 100 rock wall paths for kids to take. A full facility pass is $25 per person, including top rope and boulder courses.


189 Brunswick St., Jersey City

This obstacle course is inspired by American Ninja Warrior with younger kids and safety in mind. Drop-off play times are available for kids ages 3-12; parents can take a break while staff members supervise. The first two hours are $30 for drop-off play, and registration is required. Weekday admission for non-members is $30 per person over four years old.

Movement Laboratory

710 Park Ave, Hainesport

As one of the first American Ninja Warrior facilities, Movement Laboratory has been home to more Ninja Warrior finalists than any other facility in the country. Classes for American Ninja Warrior are broken down by the student’s age and skill level to make the ideal learning environment. During open gym, admission is $20 per person.

Skylands Ninja Warrior

44 Clinton St., Newton

You’ve seen the salmon ladder on American Ninja Warrior, but would you try it yourself? Skylands Ninja Warrior also offers birthday parties for kids who want to show off their climbing skills. Top it all off with a walk up the warped wall to show off your climbing skills to the fam.

Pinnacle Parkour Academy

Locations in Cherry Hill, Princeton and Washington Twp.

This facility was founded by fitness-passionate participants of American Ninja Warrior, Courtney Venuti and Phil Pirollo. Pinnacle Parkour also offers a free fitness class to those thinking about giving the gym a try. Prices vary based on age group and facility location.

VertiQuest Gym

1 Easy St., Bound Brook

This predominately wooden obstacle course has replicated the obstacles used on American Ninja Warrior. Many can be adjusted for different heights, ages and skill levels. Take a break from the obstacles to jump in a giant foam pit. Single open gym passes are $15 for ages 9 and up.