Christmas is supposed to be a magical time—filled with light displays, tons of festive celebrations and of course, family pictures with Santa—but by the looks of these awkward family photos sometimes it can go really, really wrong. 

Not sure if we're more scared by Santa's scraggly beard and unibrow combo, the terrifying robot bunny or the creepy nutcracker crown.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like posing with a plunger.

We definitely feel the love. LOL.

This little girl is SO over her family’s latest additions to the holiday photo.

”It’s snot Christmas without you!”

Someone forgot to tell Santa he wanted a WHOLE bike for Christmas.


Nothing quite like a  giant Santa chicken to traumatize your children for the rest of their lives.


Watch that kid in the back spoiling the holiday picture for everyone.

Santa with a creepy wooden elf. Nightmares.

Santa or Satan?

This Santa looks like he had a bit too much egg nog.

Rudolph clearly got a bit too feisty with this Santa.

I guess she really wanted those 101 Dalmatians cards.

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