Think your kid may be the next Roger Federer? Want him to get some exercise while still having fun? Whether he’s starting at the pee-wee level is well on his way to becoming a seasoned pro, there’s a tennis program just right for him. 

Bill Wing Tennis Academy

Locations vary
Ages: 4–18
Cost: Starts at $475/19 wks.

Kids learn match strategy, tactics and the mental aspect of the game in mind-and body-training sessions. There are “Pee Wee Clinics” (ages 4–6) and “Tournament Clinics” (ages 10–18). 

Brooklake Country Club

139 Brooklake Rd., Florham Park
973-377-2235, ext. 137;
Ages: 3–10
Cost: Starts at $280/10 wks.

Players as young as 3 spend an hour learning stroke mechanics and doing  drills to improve footwork and balance. 

Centercourt Club & Sports

Locations in Chatham, Marlboro, Mt. Olive and Morristown
Ages: 3–18
Cost: Prices vary

If he’s just starting out, get him moving in the “Red Ball” program, where newbies ages 3–8 play on shorter courts using soft compression balls. Older kids (ages 8–10) get competitive in the “Orange Ball” session, where they do drills to improve their strokes and serves. There are also private lessons and a “Match Play” program, where kids face off against other players. 

East Brunswick Racquet Club

11 Ruth St., East Brunswick
Ages: 3–10
Cost: Starts at $336/13 wks.

Littles 5 and under get a head start on basic movements and learn how to make contact with the ball in this just-for-them class. Kids 6 and up start at “Level 1,” where they develop coordination and learn basic strokes, or skip to “Level 3,” where they learn split and recovery moves. 

Garden State Tennis Center

1 Villa Dr., Edison
Ages: 8 and up
Cost: Starts at $300/12 wks.

Got an experienced player at home? This junior program is among the most comprehensive and competitive in NJ. The head pro, John Costanzo, has developed more USTA-ranked juniors than almost any other coach in the US. Pick from six different clinic levels that range from beginner to highly competitive. 

Green Knoll Tennis Center

587 Garrestson Rd. Bridgewater
Ages: 7 and up
Cost: $70/wk. 

He can get in on the action in weekly lessons that include drill work, challenge court time and basic tournament play. 

Maplewood Tennis Club

574 Valley St., Maplewood
Ages: 3–16
Cost: Prices vary

Budding Serena Williams begin at the “Pee Wee” level (ages 3–4) before making their way up to the “Advanced Intermediate Program” (ages 12–15). Beginner programs use shortened courts, while the older groups focus on stroke technique and rallying with regulation balls and courts. 

Nassau Tennis Club

1800 Rte. 206, Skillman
Ages: 10 and under
Cost: Starts at $295/members and $345/non-members

Get a hands-on introduction to the mechanics of the game in the “Quickstart” program, where players use modified equipment in small groups to learn about hitting the ball over the net, plus proper  positioning. 

West Windsor Tennis Program

Hendrickson Dr., West Windsor Township
Ages: 4–18
Cost: Prices vary

Kids ages 4–5 begin by learning hand-eye coordination, balance and ground strokes in the “Pee-Wee” class. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they work on stroke technique in the “Advanced Beginner” session before graduating to the “Intermediate” class, which teaches scoring and positioning. 

Strand Tennis

40 Watchung Ave., Chatham
973 507 9412;
Ages: 3–18
Cost: Starts at $208/13 wks. 

Athletes-in-training (ages 4–5) start by learning how to throw, catch and track balls. From there they move on to strokes in the 6- to 7-year-old program and work their way up to rallying and competitive play once they turn 8.

TGA Bergen County

Locations vary
Ages: 3 and up
Cost: Starts at $90/season

Aspiring players begin at the “Yellow” level, where they learn the rules of the game, tennis lingo and how to hold the racquet. Then they move to the “Orange,” “Red,” or “Blue” class where they develop their strokes and work on their footwork.  

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