How many times a day do you remind your kids to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds? “Did you sing the full birthday song?” “Did you scrub and lather up enough?” We can all use some new inspiration to get the kids into a consistent handwashing routine and NSF International is here to help with some adorable Scrub Club Heroes

The global health organization has revamped its decade-old Scrub Club characters for this tough period where hygiene matters more than ever. The handwashing heroes help your kiddos learn the importance of proper hygiene, and reinforce the five steps of handwashing. On the new site, there are videos, activities and even a cute printable certificate that allows the kids to become Scrub Club heroes. 

The stars of the video and downloadable poster are Carry (who uses water to carry germs away), Slick (who wants you to get your hands slick with soap), Patience (who reminds you of the 20 second rule) and Buff (who wants to make sure you dry properly). We particularly love the Germy Villains, the animated version of some common bacteria and virus that can be passed around without good handwashing techniques. 

And if these cute handwashing heroes aren’t enough to get the kids scrubbing, Sesame Street also has a lot of handwashing resources, with a video and coloring pages. If you have older kids,  Wash Your Lyrics can snag 20 seconds of lyrics from almost any song to make your own custom posters. 

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