american dream virtual ride
American Dream

For years (so, so, so many years) we’ve been anxiously waiting for American Dream to open. And just as it began opening its attractions, New Jersey instituted stay-at-home orders because of COVID-19. The  entertainment mecca feels our pain of not being able to fill our rainy days with amusement rides so they’re bringing them to us. American Dream is sharing its awesome virtual ride POV videos on their social media, which almost makes you feel like you’re there in the midst of a ride.

This is the Shellraiser, the world’s steepest coaster and part of Nickelodeon Universe. Normally you couldn’t pay us to go on this, but now we can watch this deep drop over and over without getting sick or scared! 


You can feel what it’s like to be upside down on Kraang Prime Pandemonium, a swinging pendulum ride. Fair warning: Watching this video made  us a little dizzy, but the kids will probably love it! 


The Dreamworks Water Park hasn’t officially opened its doors yet, but it’s  ready and waiting for visitors. Here’s a little glimpse of what the park will look like. 


We might have watched this little snippet on repeat. Look how peaceful and dreamy that pool looks right about now. 

If you’re more of a snow bunny, check out this ride with pro snowboarder Casey Willax on the slopes of American Dream’s Big Snow

If you’re looking for more thrill ride fun, some Disney visitors from around the world have also posted videos of some of the most famous Disney Park attractions, so you can take a virtual ride on Space Mountain or Frozen Ever After.


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