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Staci J. Greenwald, Esq. • Jayne M. Wesler, Esq. • Lenore Boyarin, Esq. • Alex M. Hilsen, Esq., LL.M. • Andrew I. Meltzer, Esq. • Mariann Crincoli, Esq

Specialty: Special Education/Special Needs Law

(L-R): Lenore Boyarin, Andrew I. Meltzer, Staci J. Greenwald, Alex M. Hilsen, Jayne M. Wesler and Mariann Crincoli

Founded more than 40 years ago, Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler is one of the leading special education law firms in New Jersey. The firm’s attorneys have taken a hands-on, whole child approach to help thousands of families receive access to appropriate educational opportunities and set new legal precedents in the state.


Each of the firm’s attorneys boasts a wealth of experience in the law. SGW’s attorneys bring unique expertise, having previous experience working in schools and developing and implementing programs for children, as well as being parents of children with unique needs. “While working in the education field, we all realized there was a group of kids whose needs were not being appropriately addressed…and felt that becoming attorneys was the way to change the system,” Greenwald says.

In 1975, personal circumstances involving founder Theodore Sussan’s autistic son compelled him to gain an understanding of the special education rights of school-aged children. Today, the firm also offers financial services for families with special needs. An attorney with a background in finance and an LL.M. in estate planning, Hilsen offers his financial expertise to guide clients in estate issues including special needs trusts, wills, guardianship and general estate planning.


The firm employs a team approach when addressing issues regarding children with special needs, allowing parents greater access to attorneys when they encounter difficulties dealing with school districts or during emergencies. The attorneys maintain amicable relationships with a vast majority of the state’s school districts.

“Our goal isn’t to litigate, but to get the services each child requires as quickly as possible and with the least amount of [parental] expenditure,” Greenwald says. “We’re constantly communicating to come up with the best plan and approach for each individual child. When you hire our firm, you become a member of our family.”

“Andrew is knowledgeable, caring, devoted and a great advocate.” -L.K., Sparta

“My son attends school in Hamilton Township and did very well with pull-out support in math, reading and writing. However, the district took away his pull-out program. When my husband and I found out that he wasn’t doing well, we sent several letters to Hamilton Township School District, but the district refused to give our son back the program that works. Instead, they proposed a self-contained in a different school with some big boys. Attorney Andrew I. Meltzer, Esq. filed a mediation and stopped the district from putting our son in the self-contained class and from switching schools. My son’s case manager also went behind our backs and took our son’s school transportation away weeks before the IEP meeting. With Mr. Meltzer’s filing of the mediation, the special education supervisor gave our son his transportation back.” -G.K. and B.K., Hamilton

“Andrew I. Meltzer is an exceptional attorney. He’s experienced, patient, understanding and honest. Every interaction was pleasant and to the point, and handled in the most professional way. Andrew was prepared and thorough with everything. He was detailed before and after every meeting we had with him and the district, and we can’t thank him enough for getting exactly what our son needed. Our son is thriving in his new program as a result of Andrew’s commitment and dedication to him and our family with our case. We were a team in this, and we wouldn’t want anyone but Andrew I. Meltzer, Esq. of Sussan Greenwald & Wesler to represent us.” -M.R., Somerset

“Lenore represented us versus our school district. Her expertise is second to none with regards to the law, but what separates Lenore from her peers, in my opinion, is the caring she has for her clients and her firm strong desire to do what’s best for their child.”-C.R., Annandale

“Lenore treated our child like she would her own. She knew exactly how to proceed, got us in touch with the best medical professionals and was extremely competent and caring. Always available, and her staff Nicole was always available. She and her staff are highly recommended.”-B.S., Matawan

“My wife and I recently had our wills revised to reflect our current life situation. We avoided it for the longest time and should’ve done it sooner, but we were unhappy about the process and lack of attention provided by our last attorney. That being said, Alex Hilsen made the process extremely easy for us and ensured that all of his suggestions/recommendations came with clear, concise, understandable reasoning to explain why our new will is now aligned with our current and future needs. Since we have a learning disabled child and other financial concerns, Alex’s financial background and ability to draw from the SGW expertise really came in handy, and ensured we didn’t need other lawyers involved.”-S.S., Colts Neck

“Staci worked with us closely from start to finish of a challenging and stressful negotiation. She listened and was sensitive to our unique situation. We felt like we were in the very best hands with Staci Greenwald.” -M.J., Atlantic Highlands

“Staci’s exceptional skills have had an incredibly positive impact on the day-to-day development of our child. Her support and guidance are essential in providing our son with what he needs to excel as a special needs child. Staci is very responsive, clearly explains nuanced and complex topics, helps us understand how to navigate a complex legal area and goes beyond our expectations in her service and how she treats us as her clients. We simply couldn’t be happier with Staci. I never hesitate recommending her to other parents.”-N.B., Wyckoff

“Staci puts her families needs above all else and is exceptional at handling all matters relating to special education with compassion, professionalism and honesty. She’s accessible at all times and dedicated to those she serves.”-L.P., Toms River

“Mrs. Greenwald has provided exceptional counsel. She has worked tirelessly with my district to secure the appropriate accommodations for my child with complex learning needs. She’s proactive and well organized. Staci has consistently supported the development of IEPs that met the unique needs of my child.” -M.K.C, Princeton

“Mariann is incredibly passionate and hardworking, and will always take the high ground when advocating for her clients. She’s honest, thoughtful, intelligent and an outstanding communicator. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”-M.S., Randolph

“I needed an attorney to handle a case already in progress and Mariann was able to do so immediately and efficiently. My son was able to begin the school year with all his accommodations in place.”-M.K., Upper Saddle River

“Jayne is a highly-skilled attorney in an area of law that seems to be practiced by few attorneys. Jayne’s competence in special education law becomes obvious during the first meeting. Moreover, her attention and support of clients goes well beyond the professional relationship. She brings a much appreciated human touch to a subject matter that is unjustly complicated and utterly frustrating.”-R.R., Clifton

“Jayne is the ultimate professional…knows the law and understands the nuances of a school system. It’s helpful that she was a teacher in her past experience. She’s kind, mild-mannered, patient, conscientious, compassionate, thorough, assertive and diligent…just to name a few.” -L.R., Clifton

“The education system for special needs kids is difficult to navigate and complex at best. Jayne knows how important a child’s education is and made sure our child got what he needed and deserved. She guided us and made it happen.” -K.B., West Long Branch

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This is an advertising profile from the April 2020 issue of New Jersey Family.