Boy going through airport securityIf you're traveling by plane this holiday, here's some sanity-saving advice.

10 Tips for Sailing Through Airport Security

1. Check in online

It's still a good idea to check in online since bag-drop lines tend to be shorter than the check-in lines.

2. Get to the airport early

There are all sorts of things that can slow you down—unprepared travelers, understaffed checkpoints, and people that need rescreening.

3. Don't pack prohibited items

Sharp objects, some sports equipment, firearms, explosives, and flammable items cannot be carried onto planes.

4. Abide by 3-1-1

To speed things along, make sure to stash your zip-top plastic bags in an accessible place so you can easily take it out during screening. (Not familiar with 3-1-1? Here are the 3-1-1 details.

5. Know the 3-1-1 exceptions

Liquid medications, baby formula, and breast milk are exceptions to the 3-1-1 rule.

6. Flash the right credentials

Have your boarding pass and identification ready as you enter the security line. You'll be asked for it immediately.

7. Perfect your outfit

Spend less time at security—skip the jewelry, keep your pockets empty, wear a jacket that's easy to remove, and try slip-on shoes.

8. Ready your electronics

Make sure your laptop is placed in a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag. You'll also have to remove DVD players, and some video cameras.

9. Choose the right line

Expert, casual, and family/medical liquieds lanes help divide travelers by their familiarity with the process and by the amount of assistance they're likely to need.

10. Remember other restrictions

Keep gifts unwrapped until you reach your destination. Pies and cakes are OK; cranberry sauce, gravy, and other liquid foods are restricted to 3.4 ounces.

Happy travels, and happy holidays.

Source: Smarter Travel Media (airfairewatchdog).