A stroller is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you can own. The kind you buy (or receive as a gift) should depend on where you live and how you’ll be getting out and about with your little one.

Consider these scenarios:

If you’ll be:

Then look for:

walking on bumpy roads, or pushing your baby while you jog an all-terrain stroller with good wheel suspension and good maneuverability
getting in and out of the car before you stroll, or traveling on an airplane ease of folding and light weight. Strollers can weigh from 5 to 55 pounds; some have transport bags with handles
taking all-weather walks with your baby accessories for protection, such as a sun canopy, warm padding for cold weather, shields to keep out rain and snow, and/or bug mesh. Look for vents that allow air flow
walking with more than one stroller-age child, or have twins or other multiples a two-or-more seater. Do you need bassinets and toddler seats? Do you want the children to face out? to face you? to face each other? sit side-by-side or ride tandem?
in need of a multi-purpose stroller models that can convert for use as car seats, carriers, portable high chairs, even bicycles
using the stroller with a taller or shorter spouse or caregiver a telescoping handle that’s adjustable and comfortable for anyone









Safety is paramount in a stroller for your baby. Look for lockable wheels, a seat belt/harness system, and a broad base with under-carriage storage for stability.