State Fair Meadowlands Canceled

Earlier this spring organizers of the massive State Fair Meadowlands had postponed their late June opening and were set to kick-off their festivities on July 23 instead. But now the event has been officially canceled for the summer due to concerns about COVID-19 and safety. 

A message from organizers on their Facebook page says: “We are heartbroken to announce that the State of New Jersey has denied our plans for 2020 State Fair Meadowlands. We will deeply miss the opportunity to celebrate summer with you. Can’t wait to see you in 2021!”

The State Fair Meadowlands is a huge tradition for families across the state and has been for over three decades, but it also draws enormous crowds of people. According to the fair website, last year’s event drew over 400,000 people in its two-week run. 

While a huge loss for the over 1,000 people that are employed by the fair and the over a million dollar in state tax revenue generated (according to their website), the big crowds are too hard to manage with social distancing during this pandemic. 

The summer event is filled with carnival foods, tons of thrill rides, live animals, concerts and much more, and has been a staple of fun for families since it started in 1986. 

If you are still looking to let the kids have some fun on rides this summer, some amusement parks have started to reopen with limited capacities, mask requirements and other safety measures in order to keep your family safe from COVID-19. 

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