Angelo Sarno, Esq., Edward S. Snyder, Esq., Jerry S. D’Aniello, Esq., Joseph V. Maceri, Esq., Scott D. Danaher, Esq., Adelaide Riggi, Esq., Laura Guinta Gencarelli, Esq.

Speciality: Family Law/ Medical Malpractice/ Personal Injury

(L-R): Standing: Joseph V. Maceri, Angelo Sarno, Laura Guinta Gencarelli, Jerry S. D’Aniello. Seated: Edward S. Snyder, Adelaide Riggi, Scott D. Danaher

Snyder Sarno D’Aniello Maceri & da Costa LLC is a legal powerhouse in the areas of family law, medical malpractice and personal injury. Angelo Sarno, Edward Snyder, Jerry D’Aniello, Joseph Maceri, Scott Danaher, Adelaide Riggi, Laura Gencarelli, and the rest of the firm have provided strong, personalized legal representation throughout New Jersey since its inception in 2009.


With offices in Essex, Somerset and Bergen counties, Sarno and Snyder lead the firm with more than 75 years of experience working and ensuring each client receives tailored, precise legal representation to fit each case uniquely. D’Aniello, a highly-skilled negotiator and litigator, is actively involved as a fellow and past president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers—NJ Chapter. Riggi is actively involved in the Somerset County Bar Foundation and immediate past chair. Maceri is certified as a matrimonial attorney by the Supreme Court of NJ, a title held by only two percent of NJ lawyers. Danaher and Gencarelli take on leadership roles as experienced and trusted advisors to their matrimonial clients and mentors to their colleagues. SSDMD’s selected attorneys work tirelessly serving their clients and volunteering their time to serve the greater community.


Branching into Morris County, SSDMD is pleased to announce its newest office in Morristown will open in April 2021. “We believe our growth has been a direct result of the way we approach our cases and how we treat our clients. We’re there to support families every step of the way,” Sarno says.

The Morristown office will be managed by family law attorney Salvatore Simeone. Since joining SSDMD in October 2020, Simeone represents clients in high-conflict divorce and custody cases that include domestic violence, alimony, child support and the valuation of complex marital assets. Associate Matthew J. Pires will also join Simeone in the Morristown office. All offices are interconnected and operate seamlessly. SSDMD is fully adapted to handle all matters remotely.



“Adelaide is very attentive to her clients. She’s great in court and gets great results for child custody and alimony.” -L.C., Randolph

“Adelaide goes above and beyond for her clients. She’s great at children parenting time disputes and has awesome relationships with other attorneys.” -J.C., Montville

“Adelaide is a PHENOMENAL family law attorney who goes above and beyond for her clients!” -M.B., Matawan

“Joe was an excellent attorney. He fought for my children and ensured that their needs were always considered first in the divorce. He was wonderful to work with and deserves a nomination.” -A.B., Cranford

“Jerry D’Aniello is professional, compassionate and understanding. He goes above and beyond. He’s knowledgeable in his field and always gets the job done right the first time.” -A.S., Hillsborough

“Angelo was extremely impressive in and out of court. Much thanks to him for everything!” -J.Y., Cranford

“Laura was extremely sympathetic and helpful. She always looked after me and my girls and was wonderful to work with. As was her colleague, Scott Danaher.” -C.L., Paramus

Snyder Sarno D’Aniello Maceri & Da Costa, LLC

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