Here are three fun (and easy) snowflake crafts that are perfect for kids of all ages to make when winter weather keeps them indoors.

Q-tip snowflake1. Q-Tip Snowflakes

These snowflakes are so easy and fun to make. For supplies, all you need are Q-tips, glue or glitter glue, and construction paper or wax paper. The paper will become the background for the snowflakes, so you may might to choose a bright color other than white. Wax paper also works well. Have your kids glue the Q-tips to the paper in whatever snowflake patterns they choose to create. The result? Their own unique snowflakes. Best ages: preschool and older. For toddlers provide cut Q-tips and a small container of glue, so all they have to do is dip and press. For older kids, provide scissors so they can cut the Q-tips into different sizes to make more intricate designs. (If you Google "q-tip snowflakes," you'll find lots of photos for inspiration.) (Photo taken by Anna Sandler.)

Price Tag Sticker Snowflakes from Creative Jewish Mom2. Modern Geometric Snowflakes

This idea comes from the endlessly ingenious Creative Jewish Mom, who came up with snowflakes made from price tag stickers. To make these yourself, use cardboard or another strong paper to serve as the backing, then have kids arrange the stickers in geometric snowflake patterns. If you don't have price tag stickers, circles or other shapes would work as well. Best ages: great for all ages. The youngest kids can make truly free-form snowflakes, while older kids can make detailed patterns and designs. (Photo from Creative Jewish Mom's website.)

3. Paper Snowflakes

You can never go wrong with cut snowflakes made from plain white paper, or any paper of your choice—coffee filters work great. Just fold a square or round piece of paper in half and in half again, and then start cutting patterns. Really anything goes, as long as you make sure not to cut all the way across the sheet. For a little extra guidance, there are downloadable snowflake pattern templates. You can also make fun designs using a hole punch or a craft punch. Best ages: 3 and up, as scissors are required.

And one bonus snowflake: delicious marshmallow snowflakes from Martha Stewart. They're perfect for floating in a nice warm mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter's day.

Do you have favorite snowflake crafts for kids to make? Please share!