Seven Sensational Recipes for a Seder MealThe first night of Passover starts Monday, April 14, at sundown and like many others, I will be making a traditional Passover Seder meal. Here's what we're having at our house—just follow the links for the recipes (and be sure to let me know what your family's serving!):

Matzoh Ball Soup

I follow a basic recipe (usually found on the back of the matzo meal box) like the one here. The trick to perfect, fluffy matzo balls? Use seltzer water.


There are many variations to chose from when it comes to preparing a holiday brisket, and since people can be very loyal to their preferred method, I'll refrain from choosing sides and instead offer 10 preparations to choose from in A Love Letter to Brisket.

Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

The Shiksa in the Kitchen has a gorgeous and colorful recipe using beets, yams, parsnips, squash, and carrots.

Apple-Matzoh Kugel

I had this amazing kugel for the first time last year when my good friend made one based on her sister-in-law's recipe. I'm hoping mine this year turns out as well!

And if I'm feeling ambitious, I'm going to make my own matzoh following this how-to from Howcast:

For dessert, I always make macaroons using my mom's recipe, and this year I'll also be making Matzoh Toffee Bark for the first time using a recipe I found online from Gluten Freedom.

And after all that cooking, I'm sure my family will wash all the dishes.

What are your favorite Passover recipes? How about your kids? Please share in the comments below!