Say What? What people say when you're pregnantSometimes people can’t resist saying outrageous things to a mom-to-be—and if you don’t laugh at them, you might cry. We asked our New Jersey Family Facebook fans: “What’s the worst thing a stranger said to you while pregnant?” Here’s hoping their answers will give you a chuckle.

Say What?

My feet and ankles always swell whenever I’m pregnant, so the only comfortable shoes are flip-flops. A stranger approached me a week before my daughter was born and said, “Well, I would never want anyone to see my feet if they looked like yours. They’re as big as an elephant’s!” ~ Helen

"Oh, let me tell you about when I gave birth [insert horror story]. Oh, you'll be fine. That probably won't happen to you" ~ Cindy

“You are pregnant again? Is that really necessary?” (I had my three other children with me at the time) ~ Laura

Out with my two young daughters: “I certainly hope this one is a boy!” ~ Missy

“You’re having a girl, I can tell by how fat your nose is.” ~ Karen

“Wow, you’re huge. There’s got to be more than one in there.” ~ Allison

“When you walk, you sway from left to right, kinda like a fishing boat in rough waters. All I want to say when I see you is, ‘Thar She Blows’.” ~ Debra

“Man, you’re huge! Take the drugs cause that’s gonna hurt. ~ Renee

“You’re definitely having a girl. Girls take their mom’s beauty away.” ~ Natalie

Pregnant with my third—my other two were 5 and 2 at the time—a woman in the store said, “What were you thinking?” ~ Stephanie

“Wow!!! When were you due? Yesterday?!” ~ Susanna

On the PATH train, a man sat next to me and began heralding the bad reasons for teen pregnancy. I look young, but I am in my 30s! ~ Elisha

When I was in the seventh month with my first daughter (years ago) I went to a wedding. An older woman in the ladies’ room looked at my belly and said, “The nerve of you to come to a wedding looking like that!” ~ Carol

After I had my boy/girl twins, many people asked me if they were identical. He was blond with blue eyes and she was a redhead with brown eyes. Oh, and he had a penis and she didn’t. ~ Bonnie


Tell us—What's the worst, weirdest, most awkward thing someone said to you while pregnant?