The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital is a state-designated acute care children’s hospital offering a full range of pediatric specialized healthcare services with over 250 pediatricians who practice across two dozen pediatric specialties. Services include a nationally recognized Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, ranked among the nation’s Best Children’s Hospitals for Neonatology (2021-2022) by U.S. News and World Report; a dedicated pediatric intensive care unit which earned a Beacon Award for Excellence from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses; and a pediatric emergency department.

“Children are not little adults; they have a different physiology and require physicians who are specially trained to provide comprehensive care,” said Bipin Patel, MD, FAAP, chairman, Department of Pediatrics, and physician-in-chief at Saint Peter’s Children’s Hospital.


The Craniofacial and Neurosurgical Center

A multidisciplinary team practices at The Craniofacial and Neurosurgical Center at The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s, one of only a few centers in the country that comprehensively treats craniofacial abnormalities and is recognized as a regional center by the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA). Kianoush Sheykholeslami, MD, PhD, FACS, chief of Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and Head and Neck Surgery at Saint Peter’s, specializes in skull-based tumors, cosmetic and reconstructive facial deformities, thyroid, parathyroid and sinus diseases.


Family-Centered Cancer Care

Saint Peter’s internationally renowned Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Program provides cutting edge cancer care while helping parents navigate the emotional journey. The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s is the only children’s hospital in central New Jersey that partners with the ProCure Proton Therapy Center, which offers a new form of radiation therapy only available in a few states. Benefits include decreased damage to developing organs while reducing other side effects of radiation.


A Pioneer in Gene Therapy

As a state-designated regional center, Saint Peter’s Department of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine provides services to patients with genetic disorders. Last year, Saint Peter’s dosed the first patient in a global clinical trial program developed by Passage Bio, Inc., for the treatment of infantile GM1 gangliosidosis (GM1), a fatal genetic condition. Saint Peter’s was chosen
for the study because of its internationally recognized geneticist, Debra-Lynn Day-Salvatore, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACMG. Saint Peter’s is home to one of the country’s largest comprehensive Lysosomal Disease Therapy Centers.

Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric neurologists combine expertise in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system with an understanding of the special needs of children. They work with other pediatric specialists to care for children with complex medical issues, such as autism or epilepsy, providing ongoing care. The Division of Pediatric Neurology can evaluate a child with migraines, sleep disorders and other neurological complaints.


Keeping Our Children Strong

Saint Peter’s pediatric orthopedic surgeons address issues such as limb and spine deformities, gait abnormalities, broken bones, bone or joint infections and tumors, and scoliosis. The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s is the state’s only hospital offering the low-dose, full body EOS® Imaging System to evaluate the spine and lower extremities. Saint Peter’s has become a destination for scoliosis surgery due to a muscle-sparing treatment, Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC) surgery, performed by C. Darryl Antonacci, MD, who pioneered the procedure, and his associate, Laury A. Cuddihy, MD. Other pediatric services include allergy and immunology; cardiology; developmental and behavioral pediatrics, including autism; diabetes; gastroenterology; infectious diseases; nephrology; nutrition; physical rehabilitation, including audiology and occupational, physical and speech-language therapy; pulmonary and sleep medicine, including asthma; and rheumatology.

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