By Monique Fields
Ages 3-6, Imprint

When Simone, a young biracial girl, asks her parents what color she is—black or white—she struggles to find her identity. She decides to choose her own color: honeysmoke. Simone’s quest for identity is meant to encourage multiracial children to choose their own identities and destinies.

Releases January 8

Sleepover at the Museum

By Karen LeFrak​
Ages 3-7, Crown Books for Young Readers

Go on a scavenger hunt through the Museum of Natural History with birthday boy Mason and his friends. The trio are searching for the best place to spend the night, and while the T.rex looks too scary, bunking with the monarch butterflies probably isn’t a good idea either.

Releases January 15

Max Explains Everything: Soccer Expert

By Stacy McAnulty​
Ages 4-8, G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books

After playing soccer for three weeks, Max is ready to share his expert tips on warming up, positions, rules and more. While he explains the game, he realizes he doesn’t know as much as he originally thought.

Releases February 19

Monkey & Cake

By Drew Daywalt​
Ages 4-8, Orchard Books

Monkey and Cake are silly and inquisitive best friends, known for asking thoughtful questions and their search for answers. In the first book, they try to solve the mystery of what’s in a simple box (a reference to Schrödinger’s Cat) and in the second book, the pair work on exclusivity when Monkey builds a fort just for himself.

Releases February 26

The Very Impatient Caterpillar

By Ross Burach​
Ages 4-8, Scholastic Press

All kids learn, grow and go through their own metamorphosis. This antsy (and hilarious) caterpillar will teach kids about patience, and that all good things come with time.

Releases February 26

Say Something!

By Peter H. Reynolds
Ages 4-8, Orchard Books

Inspired by the teen survivors of the Parkland shooting, this story illustrates how kids can use their voice and make the world a better place. Readers will learn that their actions and words are important, and that there’s many ways to share their thoughts.

Releases February 26