Getting the kids to put down their tablets, Xbox controllers and phones can be pretty much impossible but at sundown tonight, you’ll have a great reason to get them off Fortnite and Instagram.

It’s National Day of Unplugging, which means, from sundown tonight, March 1, until sundown tomorrow, this national event is encouraging families to step back from their screens and spend time together.  

The idea behind spending 24 hours sans devices is to promote time with family, communities and even ourselves. Take the opportunity to finally try that craft you’ve had pinned to Pinterest for a year, or do some reading or meditating.

You can take the pledge, host an event and of course, unplug with the kids. National Day of Unplugging’s website offers cell phone sleeping bags, posters and DIY resource toolkits, which offer examples of activities for home and classroom activities like board games, a scavenger hunt and cooking. Once you take the pledge, you’ll have access to the resource kit and conversation starters.

If you can’t spend the next 24 hours unplugged, any amount of time you can manage away from screens still matters. Happy unplugging.