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What inspired you to start your practice?

My private practice started as a part-time gig, and it began to pick up without any real marketing efforts. When I was pregnant with my third child, I realized that work life balance was about to become impossible. That’s when I pursued full-time private practice—July 2022 is my 10-year anniversary!

How has your business evolved?

I had a desk and a couch in my dining room. I wanted flexibility to be in my children’s lives so I hired a therapist to take over the evening appointments and rented an office space. I expanded from one to six therapists and an office manager!

How do you juggle family and work demands?

It’s a hustle! It’s a fluid process and it’s not easy but I don’t want to miss my kids’ phases either.

What is your practice best known for?

We support children, adolescents, young adults and their families with special needs. We specialize in anxiety, ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities. Our families are important to us and we value collaboration and communication to make a positive change in social, emotional, behavioral, academic and family life.


Psychological & Edu. Consulting, LLC


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