Fun with FoodThe options for having fun and playing jokes on April Fools' Day are endless, especially when you have kids who love to have a good laugh.

Here are eight ideas for foods that aren't quite what they seem:

1. Serve guacamole, which is really avocado ice cream with strawberry pieces and mint, and shortbread cookies cut in triangles to look like tortilla chips.

2. Give your kids cupcakes for dinner, which are actually mini meatloafs baked in muffin tins with mashed potato frosting and pink sea salt sprinkles.

3. Be sure to say "Drink your milk!" when you give your kids this solid milk that won't pour no matter how hard they try. Or try a trick drink of gelled juice.

4. Make a fun lunch—switch the contents of snack-bags (resealing with double-sided tape), make a ziplock that won't unzip (using double-sided scrapbook tape), or add a wormy apple (don't worry, it's a gummy worm).

5. Surprise your kids with silly cupcakes that look like peas and carrots, corn on the cob, or mashed potatoes and gravy.

6. Make hamburger sliders out of Nilla Wafers for a dessert that looks like dinner.

7. Disguise your kid's lunch (or food stored in your refrigerator) in one of these bags—your choice of bugsmold, or novelty disguises.

8. And last, why not have a four-course April Fools' Day Dinner? I love this idea for having a Fool's Cafe, complete with a menu of riddles for dish names which you have to order as best you can – and which can result in ordering ice cream for your first course, but not getting the spoon until your last one. Full instructions at Me and My Insanity, including a great printable menu you can use for your own Fool's Cafe.

For more fun ideas, like DIY packs of doughnut seeds, check out our April Fools' Day Pinterest Board.

And if you know a funny April Fools' Day joke or prank, please share it with us in the comments below!