Bugs & ButterfliesFor many, back-to-school also means back to the birthday party circuit. With some families reporting a different party every weekend, how do you decide what to give the birthday child? And how do you know how much to spend?

We took these questions to the New Jersey Family Facebook page, and found that most parents spend around $20 on a birthday present for a child's classmate who is not a good personal friend. For those who spent more, it was usually to purchase a video game—a favorite among older kids. 

Perfect Presents

Here are some great birthday gift picks, all for around $20:

Other favorite go-to gifts for all ages include PlaymobilLegos, clothes, and books.

And don't forget, gift cards are a popular choice too. Not only do they fit any price, age, and interest, but there's no gift wrap required!

What's your favorite gift to give? Leave us a comment!