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Amilcar J. Perez, Esq.
Specialty: Family Law

Founder of Perez Family Law in New Brunswick, Amilcar J. Perez is a compassionate advocate for clients in family law cases. He has nearly 20 years of experience fighting for his clients’ rights in cases involving child custody and support, visitation, alimony, equitable distribution and all other matters related to divorce and family law.

Perez utilizes his extensive skills and resources to provide quality, personalized representation. He zealously advocates on behalf of his most vulnerable clients, including more than 100 trials in juvenile delinquency, domestic violence and DCPP (neglect and abuse) cases.

“We’re dedicated to helping protect our clients’ rights and the best interests of their families,” he says. “We support and guide clients every step of the way to help achieve the outcomes they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“Amilcar is a sympathetic, affordable divorce attorney. He’s very nice, personable and professional. He explained my rights in my situation, but allowed me to decide what I wanted in the end. He wasn’t ruthless or vindictive toward my spouse and he responded to correspondence in a timely manner. His clerical staff was on par also.” -S.S., East Brunswick

Amilcar J. Perez, Esq.

5 Elm Row, New Brunswick

This is an advertising profile from the April 2019 issue of New Jersey Family.

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