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Keep all your children moving and playing with our suite of engaging activities. We bring the party to your home or party area with a professional birthday entertainer leading all the children in fun, interactive games. All games are provided by us and are very hands-on with the children working together to solve very active challenges. In one of the party choices, children must match-up hidden clues, build a magical structure, complete a team relay and work together to discover secrets that require the children to use both their bodies and their minds. An optional Reward Challenge extends the adventure and gives the birthday child an extra code that only they can crack. Party options include carnival-style games, kidstruction building activities, superhero and minecraft themes. Other themes include Engineering projects that the party children get to build and keep as their amazing party favors like race cars, electro-magnets, and build your own flashlights among many, many more. Each party lasts 1 to 1 ½ hrs, can be played indoors or out, and each child goes home with a Loot Locker that allows them to remember the special day. Let us make your child’s special event a day to truly treasure. We come to you!


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