In some positive news today, parents will be allowed to attend their kids’ sporting events. Since late last year there have been restrictions on indoor youth and high school sporting events with only essential personnel allowed at games. Today, Gov. Phil Murphy said that with COVID-19 numbers improving, he would be signing an executive order that will lift some restrictions.

Effective immediately, a limited number of parents and guardians will be allowed for indoor and outdoor high school and other youth sporting events.

School districts and other operators may choose to allow up to two parents or guardians for each participating athlete under age 21 to attend practices and competitions as long attendance does not cause indoor events to exceed 35% of the room’s capacity or 150 people in total.

In addition, public health guidance must be adhered to, as far as masks, social distancing and other CDC rules.

The governor posted his announcement on both Facebook and Twitter.

“BREAKING: Today, I will sign an Executive Order to allow a limited number of parents and guardians to attend indoor and outdoor high school and other youth sporting events – effective immediately,” the governor tweeted.

The news does not apply to college sports, which many NJ residents tweeted about in response to the announcement.

“I know many parents, especially those of our senior athletes, have been anxious to get back in the stands to cheer on their student-athletes in what may, for many, be their final season of competition,” he said during his briefing Friday.

“As the metrics in our hospital and elsewhere continue to trend more positively for us we feel confident in being able to allow them to do so. This is something I have been wanting to do for our student-athletes and their biggest fans and I urge everyone to take the proper precautions. I do not want to have to reverse course – no one wants to have to reverse course – on this, but we should we see trouble spots we will have no choice and will respond as needed.”

“That said we welcome our parents, after all our kids’ biggest fans, back into the arena and I hope your athlete has a successful season.”

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