Paramus Catholic is where faith, family and faculty meet.

This co-educational college-preparatory school describes its Christ-centered mission statement as one that pushes spiritual growth, academic excellence and social responsibility. It’s an approach the school believes has led to personal development for all its students since its founding in 1965.

“What’s nice about Catholic education is everyone is taking an oath of being part of this community,” Marketing Director Jean Cousins says. “You choose to come to Paramus Catholic. You’re not going to it because of your zip code. You’re saying, ‘I want my son or daughter here.’ That’s the beauty of it.”

It’s easy to see why parents make the choice.

Twenty-one Advanced Placement courses.

Thirty-three honors courses.

And a student body where 99 percent goes on to a four-year college.

Last school year, Paramus Catholic worked on a hybrid schedule. With students set to return in person this fall, it is restarting quarterly weekend retreats, service projects, and the popular Campus Ministry and Paladin News Network, which does video broadcasts of school news daily.

Two programs—sports medicine and computer-aided design (CAD)—began last year but will be taught in-person for the first time. And the principal, Dr. Stephanie Macaluso, is holding an orientation just for sophomores who’ve never been in buildings on the school’s 27-acre campus.

Because you can never help students enough.

“I started out as a parent at PC first,” Cousins says. “Then I was a teacher. Then I went into admissions, and now I’m in marketing. Sometimes, you can see too much and maybe not feel so enchanted, but I have to tell you the children really come first here.”

425 Paramus Rd., Paramus