Six Flags Great Adventure

Brace yourselves: Six Flags Great Adventure is going to be even bigger next year. Opening in 2020, the Jersey Devil Coaster is slated to become the tallest, fastest and longest single-rail coaster in the entire world. Yeah, that means they’re smashing three world records with one single coaster!

The ride will reach a whopping 13 stories in height, and soar at speeds up to 58 mph on more than 3,000 feet of track. Daredevils can brave this coaster in single-file, one-person seats while they soar through and above the dark woods.

The inspiration for the ride is, of course, NJ’s most famous folklore legend. The Jersey Devil is said to haunt the Pine Barrens, a deep forest just a half-hour drive from Six Flags. Special features and intense ride elements include a 130-foot hill, an 87-degree drop, a zero gravity roll and a 180-degree stall.

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride. Want to buy tickets for next year to try the Jersey Devil Coaster for yourself? Grab a season pass to the amusement park during the Labor Day Flash Sale through September 2 to save up to 70 percent.

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