Charming Charlie Facebook page

As if Toys R Us going down wasn’t hard enough, brace yourself: Charming Charlie just filed for bankruptcy yesterday for the second time in two years.

After filing the first time, the brand shuttered 100 stores in an attempt to bounce back, according to TODAY. Nevertheless, it’s come down to liquidation sales at its 261 remaining stores across 38 states, 11 of which are in New Jersey.

Sales should last about two months, so scoop up all the striped jumpsuits, teardrop earrings and tote bags you can while they last. Don’t bother going to the Charlie website, though: Online ordering is currently down.

Try shopping at one of the NJ stores before doors close for good. There are locations in Chester, Clifton, Deptford, Edgewater, Flemington, Freehold, Lawrence Twp., Marlton, Mount Laurel, Paramus and Woodbridge.

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