While it would be great if teenagers felt comfortable talking to their parents about the issues that concern them most, the truth is that having an outside resource can be a huge help. has been a trusted place on the web for over 20 years where adolescents can feel empowered to improve their health and take individual responsibility.


In that spirit, Atlantic Health System Children’s Health & Goryeb Children’s Hospital / Adolescent and Young Adult Center for Health have relaunched their award-winning website, was launched in September of 1999 and to date, the site has had over 30 million visitors. If you’re looking for an online resource where your teen can ask anonymous questions about their health, body, sexuality and more as well as cover “need to know” and “hot topics” that are trending, you’ll want to bookmark this site. provides adolescents with the ability to receive unbiased, medically backed information from health experts as well as access to medical, mental health and other support services for those who live in New Jersey. In addition to serving as an online health resource for teens, the site provides lesson plans, instructional tools and resources for educators in a wide array of topics that align with the National Health Education Standards.

Atlantic Health System Children’s Health & Goryeb Children’s Hospital/Adolescent and Young Center for Health are responsible for the content and operation of the site. The professional staff who answer questions from their vast teenage audience includes adolescent medicine physicians, clinical social workers, dietitians, health educators, nurses, pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health experts.

There’s even a “Teens for Teens” section with content written by teenagers.

One of the highlights of is the question portal that allows users to ask questions without having to submit any personal information. This was done intentionally to make teens feel comfortable asking questions. It’s truly a place of no judgement where no question is too trite or taboo.

Before COVID, most of the anonymous questions asked were related to sexuality, body issues and mental health. Since the pandemic, there have been more questions about health/safety, COVID-19 facts and prevention and mental/emotional health.

For teens struggling with finding healthy coping skills and handling all the stressors of life, is a great place to turn.

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