Water safety is a top priority of Njswim. For more than 20 years, the swim school has advocated for children learning to swim as the number one defense in avoiding the tragedy of a child drowning. Learning to swim is an essential life skill that Njswim recognizes as the core of its mission. Today, the swim school teaches more than 5,000 students per week in seven locations in New Jersey: Brick, Florham Park, Lakeside-Roxbury, Manasquan, Sparta, Turnersville and Warren. 


Each Njswim location offers a summer swim program. Depending on the location, they offer a swim lesson program for children of all ages. Parents can choose from: 

• Intensive Summer Swim Program • Power Swim Camp • Summer Swim Lessons 

These summer and camp programs are available during July and August and can be viewed on Njswim.com. The summer programs have limited space and sell out quickly, but you can register beginning the first week of February if you’re already enrolled in a year-round Njswim program. Summer Swim programs are open for registration to new students beginning March 1st. 

Summer 2015
The Atlantic Club
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If you really want your child to be able to swim this summer, now is the best time to enroll in swim lessons. This way, your child has several months of lessons and will be more comfortable and safer in and around the pool or the beach. 

“Summer swimmers happen from winter swimming,” so we encourage families to consider starting in the winter months, so the student will be confident and safer when the nice weather begins in June. Njswim offers quality, year-round swim lessons with “warm water, cool teachers, happy kids.” 

Summer 2015
The Atlantic Club
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Njswim has created a safer approach to swim lessons that helps children of all ages become proficient swimmers. Njswim lesson programs are for all ages and developmentally suitable to keep children interested in swimming and building strength as they become independent swimmers. 

Swimming is a life-long activity to be enjoyed as children grow. It all begins with learning how to swim…a priceless life skill every child should know. For more information on how to teach your child this crucial life skill, go to Njswim.com. 

Seven Locations in New Jersey

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