Newark Museum of Art

The Newark Museum of Art, which is is home to a large collection of American, Asian and African art, is opening a new family-friendly exhibit this weekend. Endangered!, opens Friday, November 12, and will take guests on a journey into the natural world to show the threats that animals have faced (and are currently facing) worldwide.

This new exhibit is part of the recently renovated Dynamic Earth gallery of the museum, and will share the stories behind extinct species and the growing number of animals that are on the endangered species list with guests of all ages.

The works of art on display are part of the museum’s large science collection, and will show animals and specimens that have been threatened by humans, climate change and more. It will also show what we as humans can do to help stop or slow the process of extinction among animals and features a pledge to help save endangered species worldwide.

“It is important to the mission and vision of The Newark Museum of Art that our artistic and educational efforts connect to current society,” said Linda C. Harrison, Director and CEO of The Newark Museum of Art. “Through valuable lessons for adults and children, Endangered! animates the crisis of climate change, its effect on animal life, and offers tangible and realistic steps that we can take to care for our planet and the animal kingdom.”

In addition, the exhibit also includes Lost World: The Audubon Immersive Experience – a floor-to-ceiling, multi-sensory experience inspired by artist and ornithologist John James Audubon. Visitors to the exhibit will be fully-immersed in sights and sounds of endangered and extinct birds and feel like they’ve traveled through time to a world that no longer exists.

“This exhibition will be an opportunity for people to connect with nature inside a museum through visual stimulation, reflect on the impact human behavior has on animal species, and learn about some of the species that are currently extinct,” said Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Deputy Director of Learning and Engagement at The Newark Museum of Art. “This is particularly a crucial and timely topic as we face climate change. Many parts of the world, including New Jersey, have recently endured abnormal weather conditions that significantly impact wildlife.”

Endangered! debuts today, and will be open until April 24, 2022. It joins the museum’s collection of American Art, Global African Art, Global Asian Art, Science Exhibits, Decorative Arts and more.  The Newark Museum is located at 49 Washington Street, Newark. Admission is $10/adult, $8/child and children 2 and under are free.