We’ve got work. We’ve got kids. We’ve got sports tournaments and scout meetings and karate class. We’ve got meet-ups with friends. We’ve got stress.

We have so many responsibilities, it’s no wonder New Jersey placed high atop a study regarding the sleepiest states in America. TopNJCasinos.com used three combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 states from most sleepy to most well-rested. They sourced WebMD’s ranking of “Most Sleepy” based on surveys, the U.S. Census’ ranking of “Longest Commutes,” and Business.org’s “Most Work Hours.”

New Jersey and Mississippi are tied for seventh place on the list, thanks to residents’ long commute hours and lack of sleep.

NJ peeps didn’t get their sleep in 2022 because the state is sandwiched between the metro areas of NY and Philadelphia, making commutes long for lots of employees, even despite remote working opportunities caused by the pandemic. NJ workers actually have the third-longest commutes of any state in the country.

Our home state also scored poorly in WebMD’s ranking of states that were most sleepy based on surveys, finishing with the 12th lowest ranking by that category.

One thing that the state has going for it is that residents only had the 28th most work hours of any state in the country. That means NJ scored higher in terms of collective work-life balance than many of its neighboring states, including Delaware and Maryland.

Here are the sleepiest states in the U.S. according to the study:

1. Georgia
2. West Virgina
3. Tennessee
4. Louisiana
5. Texas
6. Florida
7. New Jersey and Mississippi (tied)
9. Alabama
10. Oklahoma and North Carolina (tied)

To help yourself and your kids get a good night’s sleep, set a routine for each night, create a sleep environment that is dark and calm and put all the electronic devices away. How much sleep will you be getting tonight?

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