new jersey gyms reopen
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Many on social media have been extremely vocal about wanting New Jersey gyms to reopen, and starting September 1, they’ll be able to enjoy their workouts again. While gyms have been able to open for personal training sessions since July, they will soon be allowed to reopen to members at 25 percent indoor capacity.

But the reopening comes rules and restrictions that might not make everyone happy, including the mandatory wearing of masks at all times inside the gym. This means you can work up a sweat, but you’ll have to wear a mask while doing it. 

The new rules for gyms when they open their doors on Sept. 1 also include:

  • Restrictions on indoor group activities (such as cycling classes) to one person for every 200 square feet of space in the room.
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn at all times inside the gym.
  • Equipment must be six feet apart.
  • Members must sign a form when they enter the gym that says they will adhere to the safety guidelines.
  • Gyms must keep a log of workers and clients, including names and phone numbers, so the information could be made available to contact tracers in the event there’s a COVID-19 exposure at the facility.

If you aren’t ready to head back inside the gym, we’ve got some ideas for at-home workouts. Many gyms are also offering outdoor classes.

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