Things are already looking up for 2021, especially if you follow a gluten-free diet! Today, OREO announced that it will be coming out with a gluten-free version of “milk’s favorite cookie” in January. Fans on Facebook were rejoicing and busy tagging all of their gluten-free friends to share the happy news.

“SO EXCITED!!!!” posted one fan.

“FINALLY!!!” wrote another.

“Yay! Wish they were available for Christmas,” commented another cookie fan.

Oreo Gluten Free cookies

It’s fantastic news for the many people with dietary restrictions due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivities that don’t allow them to eat gluten. OREO and OREO Double Stuf will both hit the shelves in January and will cost around the same price point as the regular version of the famous cookies. And perhaps the best part is that these cookies are not limited edition, they’ll be here to stay!

But this isn’t the only exciting OREO news. On Saturday, it was announced on Twitter that OREO is now offering its first custom cookie experience. With OREOid, fans can customize their own OREO cookies with photos or just the crème color. There are eight crème colors to choose from and you can also add anything from fudge or white fudge dip and sprinkles in as many colors as you’d like to photos and text. If you’ve ever wanted your baby or grandma’s face on an OREO, this is definitely for you! The OREOS come in a pretty bag (perfect for party favors) or a box (awesome for gifting).

“This is the coolest thing to happen to the cookie world since Oreos,” tweeted one fan.

“We think so too!” OREO responded. “Enjoy.”

Simply visit to get started.

In the meantime, we’re all about the current holiday OREOS from the limited-edition gingerbread ones to the winter edition ones with red crème. Which ones are your favorite?