Mountain Creek Resort is known for its year-round attractions, like skiing, tubing, ziplining and mountain biking, but now their newest “attraction” is absolutely adorable. The Vernon hotspot will be retiring its lawnmowers for the summer and replacing them with some lovable goats (and other furry friends). 

A herd of goats, sheep and lambs will be taking over the resort’s landscaping— nay, “goatscaping”— duties, grooming the trails and munching on the surrounding grassy areas. These vegetarian helpers, who will be living in an enclosure on the property and arrived courtesy of a ski school team member who owns a goat farm, are sure to be stars with kids and adults alike.


However, they will do more than provide a well-needed dose of cuteness for any guests who make the trek to Vernon. In fact, recruiting farm animals to take care of the grounds is also both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

So if you’re heading to Mountain Creek this summer to tackle the obstacle course or hit up the waterpark make sure to keep an eye out for these hard-working furry new staff members. You might even catch a glimpse of them at work while you cruise on one of the ziplines—that is, if you dare look down!

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