What inspired you to start your business?
I’ve personally used acupuncture for many years to deal with many different challenges. My whole career was in corporate America, and I was looking for my next adventure. When I heard from friends about this new national franchise concept in acupuncture, I knew it was something I was really interested in that would be my next adventure!

What sets your business and brand apart?
The Modern Acupuncture goal is to bring acupuncture to many more Americans by making it accessible and affordable. According to the NIH and WHO, only 3-5 percent of all Americans have ever tried acupuncture. By being in retail locations with retail hours (being open seven days a week) and offering affordable, efficient memberships and packages, we believe that we’ll meet our goal!

When was the moment when you knew your business was nailing it?
Every day, we have patients who tell us how we’ve positively impacted their lives by making it possible for them to try acupuncture. We have so many patients who tell us that friends are asking what they’re doing differently because they look so calm and relaxed. One patient who’s doing our Glow facial acupuncture said a relative asked her if she had a facelift after only two weeks of treatments! Then, of course, we have patients who are finally feeling relief from longstanding back pain. This can be life-changing.
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