Midland Park Family Dentistry

Anthony Caramico, DMD, Diane Asmar, DMD

Specialty: Dentistry

Diane Asmar and Anthony Caramico

At Midland Park Family Dentistry, Drs. Anthony Caramico, Diane Asmar and their team deliver high-quality, pain-free dentistry with a focus on the patient. From a tranquil, inviting office design to an investment in state-of-the-art technology and continuous training, the doctors put their patients’ health, needs and preferences at the forefront of everything they do.

“Being patient-first means making investments in our most valued asset—our patients,” says Dr. Caramico, a father of three who’s wanted to be a dentist since the second grade. “We know most kids don’t enjoy going to the dentist, so we make visits fun and ensure they have a great experience each and every time.” The practice uses the latest technology and approaches to provide relaxed visits that deliver results with greater accuracy in a fraction of the time, often without needles and anesthetics. Along with their friendly, compassionate staff, Drs. Caramico and Asmar strive to make their patients feel at home. The team at Midland Park Family Dentistry invites families to see the difference they’re making in the field of dentistry.

Midland Park Family Dentistry

662 Godwin Ave, Midland Park

“Dr. Asmar is very nice and does great work!”~Luc, Midland Park

“Dr. Asmar is very personable with my daughter. “~Wilmerson, Allendale

“Dr. Caramico is an outstanding doctor. He’s kind, gentle, caring and professional. He makes dental visits fun. “~Maria, Wyckoff

“Dr. Caramico is professional, accommodating and wonderful with kids. We found the office a short time after moving to the area, and my 10-year-old had an accident cracking his two front teeth. We called the office and they immediately took him. The rest is history!”~Catherine, Ridgewood

“He does excellent work, and has a warm personality and nice sense of humor. His office has high-tech equipment, which makes a big difference. His team is very professional.”~Cristina, Ridgewood

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