As a women-owned business, we know how hard it is to juggle raising a family with running a business. That’s why we’re celebrating the many amazing women who thrive as entrepreneurs while raising kids and balancing the demands of work and mom life. We’re so inspired by everyone who entered our Mompreneur of the Year contest and we’re excited for you to get to know our 2022 winners.


Avani Modi Sarkar, Modi Toys


Aginah Maltabes, Pizza Den

Montserrat Coughlin Kim, When a Dragon Comes, LLC

Sharyn Brandman, The Circus Place

Mental Health
Robyn Spodek-Schindler, Paint the Stars Art Therapy, LLC

Local Community
Melissa DeSanti, The Morris Bernards Moms Network

Community/Social Media
Tara Clark, Modern Mom Probs

Aimee Danchise, Inklings Baby

Birthdays and Holidays
Michelle Hawthorn, The Fiesta Box