Experiencing stress and anxiety is common among teenagers, especially during the pandemic, but how can we as parents tell when that stress and anxiety goes beyond typical adolescent challenges? How can we spot the signs of depression in our kids and teens? What are the best tools we can use to help our stressed kids and teens and encourage them to open up about their feelings? How can we best manage their health anxiety as Omicron surges and what can we do to manage our own anxiety as we parent at such a challenging time?

We asked Dr. Christopher Lynch, Director of Pediatric Behavioral Medicine at Goryeb Children’s Hospital and Atlantic Health System: Children’s Health, these questions and more in a chat featuring your most pressing questions about stress, anxiety and depression in our kids. Watch our interview for actionable tips on how to help your kids and yourself. In our interview, Dr. Lynch suggests a number of trusted resources parents can seek out for help. They are listed below:

Atlantic Health Resources:

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Services Parents can call this access number for help: 888-247-1400

For teenagers only: Teen Health FX

More New Jersey Resources:

New Jersey System of Care   (877-652-7624)

The New Jersey Psychological Association

The New Jersey Psychiatric Association 

NJ Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers

CLICK HERE to watch our video chat with Dr. Lynch.



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