Everyone knows about Hanukkah gelt (the Yiddish term for money), right? It looks a lot like change or gold, but it is actually made of chocolate! A fun thing to do on this day is go to the store with your kids and give them some Hanukkah gelt to put in their pockets. When they go to the cash register to pay for something, have them hand the cashier Hanukkah gelt instead of real money. Of course, only let the joke go on for a couple of seconds—it's only suppose to be a silly joke! And, make sure your kids have real change ready to pay the cashier. Hopefully the store owner will have a good laugh with you. Be sure to wish him or her a happy holiday!

Mama Doni, a resident of Montclair, New Jersey, hopes that her music will add some Jewish flavor to the lives of people everywhere.

Be sure to let us know if you tried this silly joke, and what the reaction was of the cashier!