Veggie artKids love to help out in the kitchen, though their idea of “helping out” isn’t always helpful. If you can get them started on an activity while an adult prepares dinner, you’ll both stay busy and have some fun at the same time.

Veggie Art

Here’s a fun activity for your child to do while you’re cutting fresh vegetables; you might call it “art you can eat!”

As you cut and chop, give your child the discarded vegetable pieces to assemble as a collage on a tray or plate. He or she might also draw the outline of a person’s face, an animal, or an object, then use the vegetable pieces for features or details. Carrot ends, for instance, make wonderful eyes or wheels. For a vegetable landscape, your child can use small celery stalks to create a forest. The end of a cucumber will certainly make a fine nose or a mountain.

It helps if you cut the scraps into a variety of sizes and shapes, and you may also want to include a few pieces that aren’t scraps—broccoli florets, for instance, can make great hair for a vegetable head.

Whatever the outcome, you and your child are sure to agree that his or her picture is indeed very tasteful art!

Reprinted with permission from 101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child, by Ruth and Steve Bennett (BPT Press, 2011).