Harry Ko, 49, Attorney at The Ko Firm, LLC
Stephanie, 45, Stay-at-Home Mom and Firm Bookkeeper 
Connor, 14; Noah, 11; Caitlin, 10

Mendham stats at-a-glance:
Average home price: $984,329
Median household income: $158,750

NJF: What’s your daily schedule like? 
Stephanie: During the week, it’s all about getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, doing homework, after-school activities, sports and play dates. On the weekends, we like to relax and try to have family time.  

NJF: You lived in Summit until recently. Why did you decide to move to Mendham?
Stephanie:  Although we loved Summit and lived there for nine years, we decided we needed and wanted more space in terms of home size and property. We also chose Mendham because it’s still close to Summit and the schools are comparable. 

NJF: What are the benefits of raising kids in Mendham?  
Harry: Life seems to be a little slower out here, and that isn’t a bad thing considering how hectic it is today raising children. With a larger property, we can now give our kids indoor and outdoor chores so they can learn to chip in.   

NJF: What’s your favorite place to hang with the kids in town?  
Harry: Unfortunately, there’s no downtown in Mendham, and that’s the biggest trade off moving from Summit. But we are very close to Morristown, Chester and Bernardsville, so we often go to those towns to walk around, see a movie or get ice cream.

NJF: What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed since you’ve moved to town?
Stephanie: We love the space and privacy we have out here.  It’s very peaceful and quiet, and there’s no traffic.
Noah: I like it out here because I can run around the woods with my brother and sister.
Connor: I like having my own room, and since we have more space we were able to adopt two more kittens. 
Caitlin: I like our house, and we have more yard to go sledding.

NJF:  What’s your idea of a date night? ‚Äč
Stephanie:  Well, since we have three kids, going anywhere without them is a date night! A quiet dinner out is always treasured. There are two restaurants out here that we regularly go to, the Mendham Pub and Sammie’s Steakhouse. Both are family-friendly restaurants with a fun atmosphere. Sammie’s is worth the trip if you haven’t been yet.