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Lawrence Law

Jeralyn Lawrence, Esq., Rita Aquilio, Esq. Ashley Edwards, Esq.

Specialty: Matrimonial/Family Law

(L-R): Rita M. Aquilio, Jeralyn L. Lawrence, Ashley E. Edwards

At boutique family law firm Lawrence Law, Jeralyn Lawrence, Rita Aquilio, Ashley Edwards and their team provide a sophisticated, strategic approach to issues ranging from alimony, child support and equitable distribution to custody and parenting time.

A divorce trial attorney and trained mediator and arbitrator, Lawrence helps families resolve personal matters with or without court intervention. She’s an officer of the New Jersey State Bar Association and expected to become its president in 2022. “My father’s career as a juvenile detective inspired me to become a lawyer, and I’ve been divorced, so I can personally relate to the stress of transitioning out of a marriage,” says the mother of three. “Our team is passionate about advocating for clients and guiding families through the difficult process of divorce while helping them move forward into the next chapter of their lives.”


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""Not only does Jeralyn have an unsurpassed grasp of the law, she always made time for any questions/concerns that I had. I knew there was an exceptional team behind her, as well."" -D.I., Stewartsville

""Rita Aquilio is very talented. Rita is outstanding—she's approachable, smart and not afraid to fight. I'm so grateful for her services. She's bright, knowledgeable and very caring. She always is dedicated and has the best interests of her clients. I highly recommend her services. She's a shining star. You certainly won't be disappointed."" -A.M., Clark

""I'm a retired business owner now residing in Florida. As a corporate executive who for many years was hired and was represented by a myriad of attorneys and law firms, both domestic and international, I believe that I'm able to decipher between genuine good faith legal professionals who aren't only highly capable, but also intent on bettering our world and the people they're called upon to help. I can state without reservation that Ashley Edwards is one of those rare individuals. I came to know Ashley several years ago when she was assigned by her firm to represent me in a New Jersey family law matter. Throughout the years as we came to know each other and work with each other, I found that I needed less and less to ‘instruct’ Ashley in the law (I'm not a lawyer, but am her elder!) and what my goals were in the progression of the case at hand. Pleadings, discovery and eventual court hearings required us to speak long-distance, often on a daily basis. At no time did she ever become frustrated with me, and sometimes to my chagrin, she mandated that we keep ‘on the high road,’ which is often difficult in family law matters where emotions run high. It also came to be that over time, I didn't even need to tell her my ‘demands;’ she knew me as a client, but also clearly worked hard to know and treat me as a person. While Ashley always was courteous, I quickly understood through her gentle leadership that she was the ‘captain’ running this two-person team. Attentive and caring, but always telling me the rules of court took priority, I was guided through several difficult situations. While I'm glad my case requires only minimal involvement these days, I miss the more frequent contact with Ashley, her good cheer and, above all, her ethics. They're above reproach. It's with pleasure that I recommend Ashley E. Edwards, Esquire for recognition. Apart from her expertise, she's an exceptionally bright and generous of thought individual who'd be an asset to any association to which she gains membership. You’ll be lucky to have her!" " -L.T.